Why You Should Rely on Us for Your Rental Listings

The Benefits of Hiring Us to Manage Your Rental Listings

Managing rental properties is no easy task. Your main priority is to attract and retain quality, rent-paying tenants. It sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. There is a lot of time and attention that goes into it. Sure, you can let a family member or friend live in the property, but that rarely ends well. You can list it on Facebook yourself and accept a random stranger who reaches out to you and gives you the first month’s rent and security deposit. However, you do not know who is going to be living in your property. Here is why you should allow our real estate company to help you with your rental listings:

  • Tenant Screening: This is arguably the most important part of managing rental properties. Attracting quality tenants is both an art and a science. The screening process is your best chance at ensuring you get a paying tenant who takes care of your property. Our company has processes in place to screen tenants through background checks, credit checks, and income verification.
  • Property Advertising: Advertising your rental property on the proper platforms and reaching potential tenants is important to get them to apply. We will advertise your property on our website as well as other platforms that will attract tenants.
  • Legal Requirements: Legal requirements for rentals can be extensive. There are many laws you must abide by in the way you advertise your property, screen tenants, and maintain your property. Our real estate pros will help you with making sure that the tenant screening process follows legal guidelines and that your lease agreements are legal as well.

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At Alpha Omega Properties, we assist property owners with listing their rental properties in the Bryan, TX area. Our real estate experts can help you with creating lease agreements, advertising your rental, and screening tenants. This will help to attract quality tenants who are much more likely to continuously pay rent and take care of your property. Contact us today for assistance listing your rental properties!

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